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Good evening,

As I was preparing to go on what is called a Daniel fast, the Holy Spirit wouldn’t give me peace about it. I planned on my days and felt I was pleasing God. But I still felt no rest about it. I came up to some conclusions of my own and sought the Lord for direction on how to do the fast. He would not lead me on how to do this fast, but He guided me to study about it. Most of you may turn from this because it may appear to you I’m against fasting. Let me clear it up; I am not against fasting. Actually, in the past I was taught so many confusing things concerning the “Daniel fast”. So during my prep time, I told the Lord I want to do this right and want the truth about it. Then He directed me to study it in the Bible and I came to  that it was not 21 days as I always thought it was. Daniel did this for 10 days. Then I found out that Daniel only ate vegetables and drank water. I have to be honest and admit I had a hard time accepting this truth because of the traditions I was taught. So I said ok Lord, I’ll do 10 days. As I went back and sought the Lord on the direction to the fast I still had no peace. At the time I did not know what was going on, so I continued to pray to Jesus on what to do and for strength to carry out eating only vegetables and water for 10 days. As I was going about shopping for the fast, the Lord told me Daniel did not go on a fast, he chose not to defile himself by eating food from the king of Babylon. Then the light went on in my head and I became hungry for more of the truth. So the Lord told me to do some research on the truth about what we call a fast. I was so happy to receive what I found. I was finally at peace and joy just leaped inside me. It all made sense of the confusion I felt all these years concerning this false fast. I still had a hard time sharing with others what the Lord showed me. I thought about doing the fast that’s in the Bible and let others think I was doing this false fast. But the Lord got on me for that. He told me I will be persecuted for doing what was right. So with His help I was able to tell others the truth. When the persecution come, I at peace because I’m doing what is right in the sight of Jesus Christ, my Saviour. If I’m doing what’s right I know I’m covered by Him and He will bring me through the persecution. I want to share this website I found the same thing the Lord Jesus told me. We have to be careful concerning all these traditions we are doing and see if they are of God. So many things we do is out of traditions. And when someone comes and tell the truth, they reject it and call it evil because they don’t understand it. I have been on a journey of truth for months now with the Lord. I got so tired of being deceived and lied to I asked Him to give me the truth. It is hard at times because it is not what I’m used to. But I cannot deny it because it is in His Word. But I thank Him every time because He loves us so much He wants us to know the truth. The Bible warns us we are in a time where people will turn away from the truth and turn to fables. When we look around what’s in the world and we see so much that influence us to turn away from the truth. Sadly, it’s taught in so many churches. We need to seek God and Him only for sight. We cannot put our trust in man (see Jeremiah 17:5). We are only to put our trust in God. I know this is a long post, but exposing lies is very important. Too many of God’s people are dying in the spirit because of satan lies. Let’s help them and allow God to use us to expose satan lies and kill his kingdom. Be blessed in Jesus Christ.


Daniel 1                                                      

In the first book of Daniel we find a very significant occurrence in biblical history.

King Nebuchadnezzar captures the city of Jerusalem and the city then stays in captivity for a period of 70years.The city being captured does not come as a surprise, God had forewarned his people through His Prophet Jeremiah.

Jeremiah 34:1-2

When God released the Ten Commandments to His people He also released 631 laws and He asked His people to ensure that every law is carried out.

One of the laws was the year of the Sabbath. Which stated; every seventh year would be a year of rest. This meant; no one worked for one full year; you could not farm or be involved in any wealth accumulation. This law was hard to carry out, not realizing that the law states every year in default is owed to the Lord, the people started to default. This resulted in them owing God and this is what led to their captivity.

When king Nebuchadnezzar captured Jerusalem, he asked that all children of Israel who were wise be brought together. His objective was to teach them the Babylonian way of life and language. The king also appointed to them a daily provision of the king’s meat and wine, the things that he ate and drank was available to them as well. Now the kings did not live according to the law of God, they ate anything and lived hazardous lives; neither did they serve or believe in God the Father.

Now Daniel was devoted to God and followed the law earnestly, evidence of this is found in Daniel 1:8 “But Daniel purposed in his heart that he would not defile himself”

There was no way he would accept the king’s meat because it was against the law of God. (Leviticus 11) 

Daniel’s love for God is so great that he refused to allow the king’s diet to interfere with his standing with God. He was sold out to being obedient to God, so he refused the kings diet.

Daniel said “give us pulse to eat and water to drink”. Pulse derives from the Greek word Alfalfa which means vegetables. So his main diet was vegetables and water.

 In the 2nd chapter verse 21 Daniel said he kept the diet right up until the first year Cyrus ruled. Cyrus ruled 17 years after Jerusalem was captured, so Daniel kept this diet for approximately 17 years.

 The important thing for us to understand is that Daniel did not declare a fast; he chose to forsake Babylon and stay obedient to God. There is no mention of a fast in these portions of scripture. He refused what this world has to offer and chose God’s principles instead. 

How then can we take this and turn it into a fast, if we say we want to emulate Daniel and do what he did then all we need to do is; forsake what this world has to offer and embrace Christ in fullness.

We need to be watchful and make sure we don’t fall for the doctrine of man but live the doctrine of God.  

2 Peter 2:1                Titus 2: 1-5

 The doctrine of God is there for the benefit of His Kingdom, any distortion of this doctrine means we are working against the Kingdom of God. Anything that is against Christ is an antichrist.

 Daniel chose to live according to the law of God by keeping a diet, how can we turn this into a fast and then declare it as doctrine of God. This is the antichrist John warned about. Why don’t people go on a Jesus fast; could it be because Jesus ate nothing for 40 days.

 It is much easier to abstain from food than to refuse this world.

Spend time in this word and ask God for revelation, there is no time to be religious. We need to be accurate and radical about righteousness. Although we are born into this world, we are not of this world. Let’s renounce this world and embrace Christ in a new way every day.

 Remember Daniel did not fast; he refused what the world had to offer and accepted what God had to offer.


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