Arthur cartoon introduces Yoga to children   Leave a comment

This is an article I came across just this evening. This is such an important subject because it concerns our children, grands, nieces, nephews, friends children, etc. We have to stand and refuse to allow this evil in our children. There are so many other shows for children (even as young as preschoolers) that are demonic. Please allow the Holy Spirit to help you discern what your children are watching. I used to let my grand-daughters watch Arthur until last week. I was in another room and when the show came on I heard chanting. It felt evil so I went and changed the channel. If you watch this video, please be covered in prayer.

Lords of Discord: Arthur cartoon introduces Yoga to children – by exministries –

Yoga is worship to all deities and summons the power of them all together. Any yoga master will tell you that. All you have to do is research it. Sure christians want to do it, just like they want to club, listen to sinful music, etc. but please research it. You will find that the very positions are symbols to indian goddesses and you are invoking spiritual powers that are not of God. You can exercise, stretch, etc. without ever using a yoga master or yoga guides. Yoga is the quickest way to summon a demon spirit into your life. Avoid it! This subject is covered extensively in our Lords of Discord and Theives in the Temple DVD’s.


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