The Importance of Seeking the Lost   Leave a comment

The Importance of Seeking the Lost

Author: Pastor Taffi L. Dollar

Summary: God loved the world so much He sent His only Son so that through Him the world could be saved. As Christians, we have a responsibility to be compassionate and share that same love with people who are unsaved. By removing the mask and becoming transparent, we can help fulfill the Great Commission, and bring the lost into right-standing with God
  1. God is love; He so loved (greatly prized) the world that He sent His only Son, that through Him the world might be saved (John 3:16, 17, The Message).
    1. Jesus didn’t come to condemn the world (those outside of the Kingdom of God), or to tell them how bad they were.
    2. God is very concerned about people outside the Kingdom of God.
      1. He loves them, and desires for them to come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. As Christians, we are saved to be a blessing to others.
    1. God saved you for a purpose; your salvation isn’t just for you.
      1. He wants you to share your salvation experience with someone else.
      2. Like Jesus did, Christians should help people who are unsaved come into right-standing with God.
        1. We should not look down on people who are unsaved.
    2. Christians are responsible for bringing light into a dark world; light shines brightest in darkness.
      1. It is our duty to love in Jesus’ place.
  3. Christians must display an attitude of compassion toward those who don’t have a relationship with God.
    1. Jesus was compassionate and shared the love of God with everyone; especially those outside the Kingdom of God.
      1. He fellowshipped and dined with sinners (Luke 15:1, 2).
        1. He didn’t come to call the righteous; He came to call sinners to repentance (Matthew 9:9-13). a The Son of Man seeks to save the lost (Luke 19:8-10).
    2. As Christians, we must be willing to take the mask off, and show others who we really are.
      1. You must be transparent to reach the lost.
        1. We all have issues, and we should use those issues to help someone else.
          1. Your past may be a blessing to someone.
          2. Taking off the mask allows people to relate to you.
    3. Jesus was transparent because He was secure in who He was.
      1. Jesus ministered to sinners by meeting their needs.
Scripture References
  • John 3:16, 17
  • Luke 15:1, 2
  • Matthew 9:9-13
  • Luke 19:8-10

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