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Hi everyone,

From the previous post, I shared the devotional email from Joseph Prince talking about how we are redeemed from every sickness. For me this is really personal (I know for most of you all also). The reason I say personal is because of something I recently went through concerning a symptom Joseph posted. Also, I received a testimony from a sister in Christ and how she was healed from several sicknesses. One being liver infection where one of her symptoms were itching. Several months ago I was driving and was thinking about the weather and how I used to itch when I was younger every winter. But when I started to say it, I felt the Holy Spirit telling me not to. But I didn’t listen and I spoke it. Not soon after I began itching bad. I was itching with no boils or nothing, just inward itching. I knew by my own mouth I allowed this sickness. After a while I got tired of it and with the help of our Helper, the Holy Spirit, I began to rebuke that sickness. I didn’t have a name, but I said "whatever the cause of it, to leave". Then when I read my sister’s testimony, I remember the Holy Spirit telling me "liver". Some days later, the Holy Spirit had me pray against anything wrong with my liver. I haven’t itched in weeks now. I knew something was foreign in my body; something that wasn’t suppose to be there. But the truth is the fact that the itching stopped is proof that my healing manifested. I learned how important it is to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. If I would have listened the 1st time, I wouldn’t have opened my mouth to what seemed like a small matter. The enemy cannot attack our bodies unless we give him access. That devil can use others, but he can also use us against ourselves. We have to rebuke him at that moment. This is not a game and is serious. I pray we are mindful of everything we think and speak. Anything that’s against God’s Word I pray we rebuke. For me, I thought it was a small matter to talk about something that I experienced as a child. But it opened the door for the enemy to bring something more serious. Thank You Father, God for Your Grace and Mercy and giving me healing; even when I’m the one who caused it. You are such a great and merciful God. You are such a loving God. In JESUS Name, Amen.



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