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This is a great teaching. This teaching is contrary to how some churches teach because they want to always remind you of your sin as oppose to God’s Grace and Mercy. Thank God there are still some churches that teach the truth of God’s Grace and Mercy; His true Gospel. As long as we are constantly reminded of our sins, we won’t feel we can go to the Father for change. He said to come BOLDLY to the Throne of Grace so you can receive mercy. But too many churches teach to get cleaned up before you come to the Lord; when the Lord is the One who cleanses us from our sins. How can you come if you are hindered by always thinking about your sin. This isn’t saying it’s ok to sin. Paul was attacked by that type of statement when he spoke about this subject. But because of some of the people’s lack of understand, they thought Paul was saying to stay in sin so Grace can abound. Paul said “God forbid”. Paul was letting them know what they are conscience of, they are. We can’t accept we are righteous through Jesus if we don’t . If Jesus wasn’t and still isn’t focused on our sins, then why should we. If you’ve been born again by accepting Jesus as Savior according to Romans 10:9, then your sins have already been forgiven. When the temptation for sin comes, just remind yourself “sin has no more dominion on me” (Romans 6:14). When you have faith in the Grace of God that comes from Jesus Christ, then sin has no more authority over you. But if you haven’t accepted Jesus as Savior, then you are still a slave to sin. To be set free from that slavery, come to Jesus today. You don’t have to wait until you clean yourself up or you get the right outfit. You can receive Jesus now. He is waiting for you. If you’re saved and always conscience of your sins, receive Him and His Grace for you. If you’re attacking people about their sin, stop it. That’s not going to stop them from doing it. Be more conscience of their soul and desire to save their soul. Beating people down about sin isn’t the answer. That’s not going to bring about change. Telling them about God’s goodness is going to cause them to repent. Telling them God Loves them (His goodness) even while they sin. The Bible tells us NOTHING can separate us from the LOVE of Christ. NOTHING.

Believe Your Debt Is More Than Paid! – Joseph Prince Ministries

Hebrews 10:22’’; let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.

I would like you to imagine this scenario: You borrow a huge sum of money from a friend and promise to pay him back in six months’ time. When the time comes, you feel really bad because you cannot repay him as you don’t have the money. A year rolls by without you repaying a cent. Now, you feel extremely guilty. You try to avoid your friend because you are too embarrassed and ashamed to see him.

Let’s say that your best friend hears about your plight. Out of the goodness of his heart, he goes to your creditor and says, “Look, I understand that my best friend owes you money.”

“Yes, he owes me US$50,000.”

“Here is US$100,000. I am paying you on his behalf.”

Your creditor says, “No, no, no! He owes me only US$50,000.”

Your best friend says, “I know. But take the US$100,000 so that you can never say that he still owes you money.”

Now, your debt has been paid, in fact, more than paid. But if you don’t know or believe this, that debt will still be on your conscience. You will still be afraid to see your creditor. And you will avoid him because he reminds you of your debt.

My friend, you need to know that Jesus was an overpayment when He offered Himself as your sin offering, because of the quality and worth of the Man Himself. My friend, He overpaid for your sins when He became your sacrifice on the cross.

But if you don’t know or believe this, you will suffer as your unbelief will rob you of assurance, joy and peace. You will still have debt on your conscience. Even though God is not imputing sin to you (Romans 4:8), sin is still on your conscience. And as long as sin is on your conscience, you won’t dare to draw near to Him.

Beloved, the truth is that your sins have been more than paid for. Jesus was an overpayment. So draw near to God today with no sin on your conscience!


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