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Good morning; I was posting a message from Joseph Prince on my blog. And while I was putting in the key words (one being Jesus), I happened to look at all the ones I listed from previous post that has the Lord’s name with it. That caused me to see who He is and what He did for us. It really encouraged and strengthened me. Please feel free to add your own.


Jesus already done it

Jesus authority

Jesus Beauty

Jesus Blood

Jesus bore our sins

Jesus chosen

Jesus conscience

Jesus death, burial, resurrection

Jesus died for our sins

Jesus finished work

Jesus has final Word

Jesus healed you

Jesus’s Holy Spirit lives in us

Jesus is alive

Jesus is King

Jesus is Lord

Jesus is our Protector

Jesus is our Savior

Jesus is our Teacher

Jesus is Perfect

Jesus is the Door

Jesus is the Good Shepherd

Jesus is the Light

Jesus is the Way

Jesus is the Way, Truth, Life

Jesus is the Word

Jesus Love

Jesus love for us

Jesus made us righteousness

Jesus meets our needs

Jesus Name

Jesus obedience

Jesus our Advocate

Jesus our High Priest

Jesus qualifies us

Jesus rose from the dead

Jesus stripes

Jesus stripes we are healed

Jesus the Head of the body

Jesus took our sickness

Jesus understands

Jesus was a Servant

Jesus was God

Jesus was God in the flesh

Jesus was healthy

Jesus was our burnt offering

Jesus was our feet

Jesus was our sin offering

Jesus works

Jesus’s body

Jesus’s rest



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