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Relationship verses religion. There’s a true religion, but it’s based on and line up with god’s love. So many have a doctrine, a religion they follow, but don’t have a relationship with God. They think because they follow all those rules, that brings them salvation and they are sanctified. That’s not true according to the Word of God. Salvation and sanctification ONLY comes from and through Jesus Christ. Relationship with God isn’t based on what we do; our performance. But what Jesus did. Jesus is the reason AND source of our faith in God. Religion, as most think, really isn’t a positive word. You can find religion only a few times in the New Testament. In James 1:27 says “pure religion”. That type of religion is based on love. Love is a gift. Love, loves your enemy. Love thinks the best and not the worst or people. Love don’t want to see people die or gloat when your enemy stumbles. A person can give all they have or die for a good cause, but if the motivation isn’t based on God’s love, it profits them nothing (1 Corinthians 13). The only way to have this type of love is through Jesus Christ. He is the only reason we have relationship with the Father, not because we follow a set of doctrines. I’m not saying rules aren’t good, but AGAIN. if they aren’t based on the love of Christ, then they are in vain and profit us nothing. So many religions are based on man’s idea of God. There’s a Buddhist religion, a Hindu religion, a Muslim religion, a Baptist religion, a church of God religion, a church of God in Christ religion. Some of those are all what we call denomination. It doesn’t matter what religion or denomination we believe in, if it isn’t based based on who God is, it’s all in vain. Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s based on relationship with the Father. It isn’t just a set of rules, a formula, a doctrine, a creed, etc. Even though there are doctrines in the Bible we should follow, it’s it’s not based on love, again it profits us nothing. Following doctrines does not cause us to have a relationship with God. The Pharisees and Sadducees said they followed all the laws, but they left out the 2 most important one; love the Lord thy God with all your hearts, mind and soul and love your neighbor as yourself (Matthew 22:36-40). If they loved God they would not have passed by a man who was beat up and left to die, where a Samaritan helped him (Luke 10:30-35). Jesus talked harshly about those type of religious people. Their religion wasn’t based on love for God, it was based on themselves. Man’s religion tell us to do this or do that and God will love us or bless us. Man’s religion tells us we are cursed. But the Bible says Jesus took away ALL our curses. Man’s religion says you should die. But Jesus told His disciples He came to save and not destroy. He said that about a town that rejected Him from talking to them (Luke 9:51-56). That’s relationship. Relationship dies for someone, when they didn’t even ask for it. That’s what Jesus did. It’s only because of Jesus we have the ability to love because He gave those who were born again His Spirit. Love don’t wish bad for anyone. So while so many think they are doing godly because they follow doctrines; a set of rules, they are not. We sell ourselves short when we don’t have a relationship. Jesus told . I used to have religion, until I really met Jesus. Then I found out about His Love. He loves us. It’s just that.   

This afternoon the Lord taught me about relationship. I was listening to a teaching series titled "God’s Kind of Love To You". I was listening to the first teaching titled "Knowing God’s Love". And while the speaker was talking about religion and relationship, the Lord put a question in my heart; "Why I have a relationship with You (Jesus)". Then I heard me say in my heart (the new me, my spirit, God’s Spirit in me) "I have a relationship with You because You died for me". Isn’t that great. We don’t have relationship with the Lord because we follow rules and regulations. The law of God is good and holy; but even if we are able to follow every law (which we know we can’t follow all), that’s not the reason we have relationship; It’s because Jesus died for me; for us. That’s personal. When I think about it; we can follow rules at home, at work, in school, or in the world. But following those rules instituted by those people don’t cause us to have an intimate or personal relationship with them. I never really understood what people meant about having a personal relationship with Jesus because some taught it was based on my performance. But now I understand what it really means. Following those rules don’t give me an intimacy with the person that gave the rules. When we have that type of thinking there is freedom and peace that surpasses mere understanding. That’s His love. To love us so much to come down on earth and die for us; when we didn’t even ask Him for it; THAT’S AWESOME. Lord God, help us to receive Your perfect love. Help us to walk in Your love and give it to others. Thank You. In JESUS name, Amen.


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