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Ok, any diy’ers out there. I just started building maybe 2 years ago. Since then I’ve gotten better. Yet, still learning. But I’ve learned I truly love it. I really like getting that wood and creating something in my mind and building it. I learned it doesn’t take a lot or any schooling to build. I’ve found many, I mean many people, including women, on the internet that build furniture, house deco, etc, without any formal training. For years I’ve always wanted to do something like this but didn’t think I could. Until I did it. I found I am good at it. I praise God for this. Several weeks ago I had a yard sale. Prior to that I was doubting my ability to build, so I asked the Lord about it. Well, at the yard sale God sent three people to help me with my question. Some months prior I built a cabinet. A BIG cabinet 😀. Personally, I liked it but I noticed some imperfections. But all in all it was a nice build. For months it sat in our garage waiting for me to decide what to do with it. I wanted to keep it, but couldn’t figure out where to put it. It was too big for my kitchen. There was so much considering what to do with this big piece of furniture. After months of sitting in the garage I decided to have a garage sale, and so I put the cabinet out there. During the garage sale there was three people who helped me with the question I asked God. It was a couple, a retired furniture builder and the buyer. The couple liked the cabinet (really liked it) and wanted it, but didn’t have a need for it. So it sat in the yard, waiting. Then another couple came. The husband was a retired furniture builder. He was impressed with the cabinet. He made really great comments and commended me on the build. But didn’t buy it because they didn’t have a need for it. But the fact a professional builder liked my work really, really encouraged me. Then the final person was the man who bought it. I sold it for cheap (God is still working in me), but someone thought it was good enough to buy. I was over elated. That was the day I received my answer from God. When others doubt what GOD has given you to do, keep going. If you doubt, ask Him and He WILL send you an answer.
SN: I just started refurbishing old furniture. I believe I could include this in my diy’ing. But I love building better. I prefer wood dust over poly dust from sanding over old finishers. I prefer the smell of newly cut wood over the smell of furniture stripper – lol. I plan on doing both, but I really enjoy building. If you like to see some of my builds, just ask. I also plan on doing this as a business. I’m currently doing some projects that I plan on using to show I can do this. SN to the SN 😀: Please, don’t let ANYONE discourage you because they don’t believe in the plan God gave you. The Lord God told me not to let others unbelief cause you not to believe. Gotta just love our God


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