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I am His beloved. He pursues me without being forceful. He never force me to do anything. He ask. His love and kindness draws me to Him. It’s because of Him I seek Him. He don’t judge me nor condemn me. He’s concerned more about my heart. He corrects me with such loving words and ways; it makes me want better. Although I do stupid things, He don’t call me stupid. Although I may have gotten bigger in my body, He doesn’t call me fat. He NEVER puts me down, ONLY encourages and builds me up. I never feel like a loser with Him. He is my God, my Lord, my Teacher, my Helper, my Provider. Again, I am His beloved. And He died for me. For us ALL. Everything I just stated what Jesus is and does for me, He IS the same to us all. If you don’t know Jesus like that then someone told you differently. That is who He is; and so much more. At a point in my life I didn’t know Him like that. He refuse to treat someone better than the other. Some receive from Him because they accept Him as who He really is. He really do love you. Even with all your mistakes. He’s desires YOU. He loves YOU. He’s not interested in what you have or what you can do for Him. He just want to give to you.

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