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Story about love and humility: How love can change a person:

There was this woman who was married. Her husband died and left her three corporations. She also had two children from this marriage. She was a basket case because she was left with 2 small children and 3 corporations where she didn’t have any business experience. One day she went into this donut/coffee shop and a man came up to her and told her he was God. He told her her name and said if you would worship me, I will solve all your problems. This woman wasn’t born again so she married him and worshiped him. She followed him and thought “this got to be god”.

SN: If someone you never met comes up to you and tell you your name or something else you know you haven’t told them don’t mean they are from God. I experienced something like that several years ago. I had a thought about something concerning the Lord and when I went to church a person I knew had demons controlling them stated almost word for word my thoughts I had earlier that morning. The Lord told me she did that to get me to believe she was following God. I also heard a man say he had a dream that was not from God and the next day this false prophet (a person) he never met came to him and told him that dream he had was from God. This man almost fell for it until the false prophet said something that was contrary to the Word of God. Because someone, maybe a stranger, comes to you telling you something they should not know, don’t mean they are from God. The Lord tells us to try the spirits to see if they are of Him (1 John 4:1; Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world). This story about the woman isn’t about trying the spirits but I couldn’t tell the story without adding that because so many of us get deceived because someone come to us and tell us something they shouldn’t know. The story about this woman is about love and humility. Now back to the story.

Well, this woman married this man and worshiped him. The marriage was terrible. This man was abusive toward this woman and threatened to kill her children. He said if he ever saw them he would kill them, so they stayed in the basement. One day the children sneaked up to the kitchen to get something to eat and the man tried to kill them. A week before, the lady became born again so she had people from her church come to the house to help. The police was already there and had them separated on the lawn. The people from her church called this disciple of Jesus over to talk to the woman. The people told him to tell her to leave him. But he told her she can leave because the Bible says if an unbelieving spouse is please to dwell with you then you can stay with an unbelieving spouse. He then said based on the fact her husband abuses her shows he isn’t pleased dwelling her, so she is free to leave. But the woman said “but”. Then the disciple told her she could stay if she wanted to because it’s just the devil in him telling him what to do. He also told her that she has greater power dwelling inside her by stating “greater is He that’s in you than he that’s in the world (1 John 4:4)”. He further told her if she would draw on what Jesus put on the inside of her, there’s a possibility she could turn this situation around and change it. The woman was astounded and said “you mean there is hope”. He told her love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8). So she decided to stay. Before you get angry with the Lord’s disciple, understand it’s our job to tell the truth. Anyway, the people that brought him was angry with him. But the woman came to work for him and he began to teach her the Word of God on pride, strife, and contention. During the teaching she began to think about why he treated her like that. She found out when he was born his family dedicated him to the devil. So he was demon possessed and brought up in voodoo from childhood. So when she got this she began to have compassion on him. Keep in mind the Lord Jesus was never moved by people that was demon possessed; He just simply cast them out. Even the disciple who was teaching her had a hard time with her compassion and Godly love she now had for her husband. Well, they went to a pastor for marriage counseling that was a friend of this disciple. When they got there the pastor asked to hear his side of the story. The husband lied and accused her of everything he was doing. He said she broke my neck, she poured hot oil on me, she tried to kill the children, she howls at the moon and demons choke him. All the things he did to her, he lied and said she did them to him. The pastor believed the husband and shouted “you divorce this woman”. Then the pastor’s wife calmed her husband down and said let’s hear the other side of the story. Then the woman began to talk, instead of defending herself, she said “I used to think he was my problem and I was mad at him. But the Lord showed me that it wasn’t what he was doing that made me mad. But it was what’s on the inside of me; my pride. God is working on me and I am changing”. Not once did she defend herself. When her and her husband got back to the car, he was shaking and said “why didn’t you defend yourself; why didn’t you say anything”. She said “Jesus has already set me free. I love you and it’s not about me. God has met my needs. I came here to help you and if running me down helps you, it’s fine with me”. After that her husband lost his power to call up demonic power and bark at the moon. Within a few weeks he said “your power is greater than mine”. And he moved out. Within 6 months he got born again and they got back together.

The power of God’s love. Many may call her stupid, but her acts actually shows strength. Anyone can fight and defend themselves when someone lies on them. But will we win in the end? No. Love NEVER fails. Now, when you think about this man, don’t compare yourself with him and say you would never do this because that’s judging him. Praise God for his change. But think about how much the Lord has loved you and forgave you. 

Proverbs 17:14; The beginning of strife is as when water first trickles [from a crack in a dam]; therefore stop contention (argument; strife; conflict) before it becomes worse and quarreling breaks out. Because she walked in God’s love in the end she won. Her husband also won and gave his life to Jesus Christ. 


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